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Crestt is more than 150 IT Specialist implementing projects for leading brands in the banking, telecommunications, media, e-commerce and games industries. We take care of the diveristy of projects and technolgoies, taking into account your individual needs.

We are modern with technology stack but traditional in interpersonal relations. We are in touch with you, no matter where you work from – Warsaw, Lodz, Cracow, Rzeszow. We are there today! Where will we be tomorrow?

Crestt Sp. z o.o. z siedzibą w Warszawie, ul. Rejtana 17, 02-516 Warszawa, wpisana przez Sąd Rejonowy dla m. st. Warszawa Sąd Gospodarczy, XIII Wydział Gospodarczy Krajowego Rejestru Sądowego do Rejestru Przedsiębiorców pod numerem KRS: 0000673872, NIP: 522-308-93-47 („Crestt”). 22 416 00 60 ul. Rejtana 17 02-516 Warszawa Kompetencje Partnerstwa Modele współpracy Referencje Dla kandydatów O firmie Take a look at current positions. Produkt Wiodący polski telecom
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Wiodący polski telecom
Korporacyjna Hurtownia Danych
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8 December 2021

Data Scientist to the AI team

Employment contract: 14 - 19 000 gross/month + annual bonus 11-14%  
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1 December 2021

Java Fullstack Engineer

Employment contract: 14 - 19 000 brutto/miesiąc B2B: 110 - 160 pln net + vat/h  
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24 November 2021

Fullstack Developer (Blockchain, NFT)

Employment contract: 16 - 21 500 gross/month B2B: 130 - 185 net + vat/h  
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21 October 2021

Python Data Engineer

Employment contract: 13 - 18 000 gross/month  
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27 September 2021

Frontend Developer (Angular 10+, SaaS) – 3 projects

Employment contract: 12 500 - 16 500 gross/month B2B: 100 - 150 PLN net + vat/h
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1 September 2021

Automatic Tester (Mid/Senior)

Employment contract: 11 000 - 17 500 pln brutto/month B2B: 90 - 145 PLN net + vat/h
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26 August 2021

QA Engineer (Manual)

Employment contract: 9 000 - 14 000 gross/month B2B: 70 - 110 PLN net + vat/h
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13 July 2021

Java Senior/Tech Lead (microservices)

B2B: 130 – 175 pln net + vat/h  Employment contract: 15 – 20 000 gross/month
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13 July 2021

UI/UX Designer (70/30)

B2B: 10 000 - 14 000 pln net/month Employment contract:  9 000 – 12 000 gross/month
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13 July 2021

Senior UX Designer

B2B: 14 000 - 18 000 PLN net/month  Employment contract: 11 000 - 14 500 PLN gross/month
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9 July 2021

DevOps Engineer

B2B: 125 – 145 pln net + vat/h Employment contract: 15 000 – 17 500 gross/month

Slide Recruitment process Third stage Transparency of the recruitment process is a key for us. At each stage, you are kept informed by the Recruiter about the recruitment progress and about the client's decision - positive or negative. The final feedback. First stage Call with an IT Recruiter. Before that, we set day and hour together. With no surprise at work. Second stage We don’t have a strictly defined recruitment model and the one interview scenario. We try to suit your expectations. It’s a talk. Technical meeting with PM and IT Specialist – remote or F2F. We keep in touch after signing of the contract. It is very important to us to make you feel comfortable at Crestt. We are open to all your opinions, both good and bad. Feel good and feel free! Produkt





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Slide Privacy policy Crestt Sp. z o.o. with headquarters in Warsaw, ul. Rejtana 17, 02-516 Warsaw, entered by the District Court for the capital city of Warsaw, Commercial Court, XIII Commercial Division of the National Court Register to the Register of Entrepreneurs under the KRS number: 0000673872, NIP: 522-308-93-47 ("Crestt"). Share capital: PLN 105,000.00
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